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Hi! I’m Brittany, you know me, your girl next door, Phoenix native, that loves Jesus. I’m wifey to my amazing husband Sonny, mama to two beautiful purpose filled kiddos Samson and Michael, and most importantly daughter to the King of Kings.

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Like all women, I wear a lot of hats, some of them more interesting than others, but here are a few of my favorites. I Co-Pastor with my husband the most amazing church on the planet The Church in Phoenix, AZ. I’m learning to write how God tells me. (that’s why we’re here) I am an independent Optavia health coach. (holla at ya girl) I sing, dance, and do standup comedy. (only in the privacy of my own home, you won’t see any of that here) And one more thing you should know about me, I love the color….PINK! (and all the ladies at The Church are now laughing because they all know how deep my love for pink is, I made them all wear it on a cruise ship all at once) But my most favorite thing of all is championing women. I believe that women are the most fierce, strong, courageous beings God ever made. I know that’s why God made me so crazy, He knew I would stand on anyone’s sidelines and cheer them on like a wild animal! I believe in you, and that God divinely ordered your footsteps here, reading this. We may not know why yet, but girl let’s find out together! I hope this blog encourages you to go grab all that God has for you. I don’t have it all figured out, but I am sure having a lot of fun with God trying! Let’s go girl!

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